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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Cozy Scandinavian Interior Design Apartment

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Cozy Scandinavian Interior Design Apartment

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no cost to you. I only recommend products from suppliers I genuinely love, as an interior designer. 

Scandinavian interior design, also known as Scandi interior design, has gained popularity worldwide due to its simplicity, functionality, and connection to the natural world. This design style is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a space that fosters well-being and tranquility. If you're looking to transform your apartment into a cozy Scandinavian haven, this ultimate guide will walk you through the key elements of Scandi interior design.

Understanding the Core Principles of Scandi Interior Design

Before diving into the specifics of creating a cozy Scandinavian apartment, it's essential to understand the core principles that define this style. The Scandinavian design philosophy is rooted in minimalism and functionality. It emphasizes clean lines, simple shapes, and natural materials. The goal is to create a space that is not only beautiful but also practical and comfortable.

1. Embrace Minimalism

The first step in creating a cozy Scandi interior design is embracing minimalism. This doesn't mean your apartment should be stark or devoid of personality; instead, it's about making thoughtful choices about what you include in your space.

Start by decluttering your apartment and getting rid of unnecessary items. Then, choose furniture pieces with simple designs and neutral colors. Remember, less is more when it comes to Scandi design.


Photos: Melanie Jade Design

2. Prioritize Functionality

Scandinavian design puts a premium on functionality. Every piece of furniture should serve a purpose beyond just looking good. For instance, choose seating with built-in storage or tables that can double as desks.


Photos: Studio Lieke Sanders and Round Fluted Coffee Table by Cox & Cox.

3. Use Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, leather, and wool into your décor is another crucial aspect of Scandi interior design. These materials not only add warmth and texture to your space but also help bring the outdoors in – an essential element in Scandinavian homes. Try opting for light wooden tones to really captures the Scandi style. 


Photos: Naturewall has some amazing panels to add to your interior.  The Natural Oak option is a great one. They even have waterproof options to use in your bathroom. 

4. Creating A Cozy Atmosphere: The Hygge Factor

Hygge (pronounced "hoo-ga") is a Danish concept that roughly translates to a sense of coziness, comfort, and well-being. It's about creating an atmosphere where you feel at home and at peace. Here are some ways to incorporate hygge into your Scandi interior design:

1. Soft Lighting

Soft, warm lighting is crucial for creating a hygge atmosphere. Avoid harsh overhead lights and opt for multiple light sources like floor lamps, table lamps, and candles.

2. Cozy Textiles

Add layers of cozy textiles like throw blankets, cushions, and rugs to your space. These elements add texture and warmth, making your apartment feel more inviting.

3. Personal Touches

Finally, make sure to add personal touches that make you happy – whether it's family photos, artwork you love or a collection of your favorite books.

Choosing the Right Colors

When it comes to Scandi interior design, the color palette is typically light and muted to create a calm and serene environment. Whites, grays, creams, and pastels are all popular choices. However, don't be afraid to add pops of color through accessories like cushions or artwork for a personal touch.


Photos: Behance and Unknown (please get in touch if you know who to credit!)

Conclusion: Embrace the Scandinavian Lifestyle

Creating a cozy Scandinavian interior design apartment goes beyond just aesthetics; it's about embracing a lifestyle that values simplicity, functionality, and well-being. By decluttering your space, choosing functional furniture pieces with simple designs in natural materials, incorporating hygge elements like soft lighting and cozy textiles into your décor – all while keeping the color palette light and muted – you can transform your apartment into a tranquil Scandinavian haven that not only looks good but also makes you feel good.

Remember that Scandi interior design is flexible; it's about creating a space that reflects who you are while adhering to the principles of simplicity and functionality. So, don't be afraid to put your personal spin on it. Happy decorating!

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