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How To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

How To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no cost to you. I only recommend products from suppliers I genuinely love, as an interior designer. 

If you have found yourself wondering how to make your home feel more luxurious, this blog post is for you!

In this blog post, I discuss how to decide what luxury really means to you and the essential steps to take to make your home feel more luxurious. This is a blog post that you don’t want to miss!

Can You Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious on a Budget?

Firstly, I have to answer the question of whether you can make your home feel more luxurious on a budget and of course, the answer is HECK YES!

Although luxury is often associated with a high price tag, there are ways to create a luxury feel without spending lots of money.

Finding bargains online or heading into charity stores to find those special items is a great way to create a luxurious space on a budget. 

Also with the steps I mention below, some of these methods will cost you a little amount of money, if at all.

How to Decide What Luxury Means To You

Luxury looks a little different for everybody.

So, the first step you need to take is to determine what it means to you.

For some people, luxury means a modern space with sleek lines and a classy feel. 

For others, luxury looks like vintage furniture pieces and statement textures. 

Head over to Pinterest and look at different types of luxury interiors that you like before you start purchasing!


Laura Hammett is the Queen of luxurious interiors. 

How To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

Now you know what luxury means to you, here are some steps to make your home feel more luxurious. 

1. Declutter Your Space

Decluttering your space is the most affordable way to make your home feel more luxurious and it's totally free to do!

Luxury is often synonymous with simplicity. 

Begin by decluttering your space and organising where possible. This easily makes your home feel more spacious and makes way for new elements to update the room. 

If you haven't heard of KonMarie then you need to check her out!

2. Add a Signature Scent  

Another quick way to make your home feel more luxurious is to add a signature scent. 

This is one of the most affordable ways to create a luxury ambience in your home. 

Instead of going for citrus or fruity scents instead, opt for something more fresh and indulgent.  

These fresh scents add a clean feeling to your home without breaking the bank.


Photos: Roma Candle and Fresca Candle from Layered Lounge. 

3. Choose Mood Lighting 

When I think of luxury, I instantly think of warm cosy lighting!

If you’re not a huge candle fan, opt for warm lighting from lamps instead and place strategically in the room to create a low, mood lighting atmosphere. 


Photos: Carrick Table Lamp and Ernest Rechargeable Lamp, both from Pooky

4. Update the Finishing Touches

Updating the finishing touches in your home can take your home to the next level. 

Trading out old door knobs and door handles and replacing them with new pieces can help to complete any room. 

Additionally, making sure that skirting boards are painted and adding artwork to the walls can help to bring the entire room together. 


Photos: House & Garden and the Luminara Collection by The Boutique Handle Co

5. Invest in Statement Furniture

Choose furniture pieces that make a statement and exude sophistication. 

Look for pieces with elegant lines, luxurious upholstery, and quality craftsmanship. 

A plush sofa, a tufted ottoman, or a sleek accent chair can instantly elevate the aesthetic of the room.

6. Upcycle Old Furniture

Upcycling old and worn furniture is one of my favourite things to do.

 You can read my entire guide on how to cycle furniture here. 

But by even just replacing the door knobs and door handles of cabinets can totally transform one of your older pieces and give it a fresh modern look. 

Alternatively, you can purchase one of my more vintage looking door knobs or handles and give your room a much more classy feel. 

7. Add Luxurious Textures

Adding luxurious textures in the form of cushions and throws is one of the best ways to add more depth to a room. 

Going for a strong knitted pattern in blankets will make your home look effortlessly expensive. 

Admittedly, these items tend to be a little bit pricey but you may be able to bag yourself a bargain online. 


Dunelm has some great, affordable accessories such as this Pride and Joy striped cushion and Jenson herringbone cushion

8. Accessorise With Plants

Purchasing plants, especially potted plants if you have the space to do so, is one of the best things to do in a room. 

Not only do they help to make the space feel far more fresh but they have health benefits too!

9. Upgrade Bedding and Linens  

When making your bedroom feel more  luxurious, invest in high-quality bedding and linens to create a luxurious sleeping space. 

Opt for soft, breathable fabrics such as Egyptian cotton or linen with a high thread count.  

Layer with plush pillows, a cosy duvet, to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Photo: Reversible striped bedding from Dunelm.

10. Add a Statement Mirror

Finally on this list of how to make your home feel more luxurious is, adding a statement mirror!

Mirrors are often associated with grand homes so adding one to your house will make your home feel so much more luxurious.

Adding a statement mirror will help to open up a room giving the illusion that the room is far bigger than it is. 

Going for a large mirror can also be a statement piece within a room. 


Cox and Cox have some wonderful statement mirror selections. This is the Brass Portrait Mirror and the Verdigris Mirror. 

Key Takeaways on How To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

That concludes this blog on how to make your home feel more luxurious. 

Firstly, know that you can absolutely add a little luxury to your home whilst remaining on a budget. 

You just have to make sure that you have determined what luxury means to you first so that you don’t waste any money. 

Then start decluttering your space, replacing worn door handles, and adding a signature scent. 

For those looking to go all out, invest in statement furniture and add luxurious textures and you will be on your way to creating your perfect sanctuary in no time.

Here at Boutique Handle Co, we offer affordable door knobs and door handles to take your home to the next level, be sure to check out the selection and even leave a comment below with your opinion on the blog!

If you have any questions about our products, please email us at


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