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15 Home Decor Trends For 2023 That Are Here To Stay

15 Home Decor Trends For 2023 That Are Here To Stay

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no cost to you. I only recommend products from suppliers I genuinely love and use, as an interior designer.


Home decor has remained the same for many years now with many opting for minimal living areas consisting of greys, whites and beiges, which begs the question, what are the 2023 home decor trends and will they continue into 2024?

Quite honestly, you might not expect these trends. These trends are a complete revamp from the designs we saw dominate the interior design space from 2020 to 2022. 

Yes, wooden furniture, statement rugs and accent walls are bringing all the nostalgic vibes this year and we may just be ready to bid farewell to those grey kitchens and living rooms. Also, get ready to be acquainted with the words “granny chic.”

So, whether you’re looking to completely spice up your home or you are rapidly preparing your Pinterest board to decorate your new home, these are the styles that experts say are here to stay.

Here are 15 of the most popular home decor trends for 2023 and 2024.

Sustainable Home Decor

From fashion to food to homeware, consumers across the globe are becoming more mindful of their purchases, which is always great to see. This has subsequently resulted in a huge influx in sustainable design choices and this trend is only set to continue way into 2024.

Sustainable home decor was one of the biggest 2023 home decor trends at the beginning of the year and has only increased with each month. Consumers are now actively looking for ethically sourced home decor and homeware that is built to last. 

While the increased price tag may have once put buyers off, they now appear happy to spend more on eco-friendly brands in the name of helping the planet.

This transition is thought to be a direct consequence of the pandemic in 2022. During this time, homeowners were rushing to furnish their houses with readily available, low quality goods. Now that the world is back to normal, homeowners can take more time in designing their spaces and sourcing premium furniture. The overarching theme here? Quality over quantity.  

wooden panelling in living room walnut slat wall in bedroom

Smoked oak & deep walnut wall panelling by Naturewall

Warm Woods

You might be surprised to find out that warmer woods are making a comeback. Gone are the kitchens filled with marble and grey and instead find sophisticated, warming tones. This may actually be one of the most popular home trends for 2023.

The warm woods aren’t just sticking within the confines of the kitchen though. Wooden home decor can be anything from the additional bookshelf, wooden coffee tables or quality wooden door knobs. This theme is set to last way into 2024 and honestly, I love it! Adding wooden features to your home adds character and promotes a relaxing atmosphere.

wood and brass cane style pull handles mid century modern interior design

Unsplash Hannah Busing (second image)


Inspired by Greek homes, plaster is said to make a comeback this year and the verdict is undecided on this one. 

Plaster painted walls are almost a work of art themselves. They tell a story through swirls and no two walls will ever look the same. Which certainly brings a uniqueness to your home. Plus, for those that love a DIY home decor activity, this is a cost efficient way to redecorate your home.

That being said, whilst some love the texture and comforting feel that comes with this design, others think that this trend will not be around for long.  Simply because this can appear as “messy” in the structured homes we have come to love. 

 plaster wallpaper dunelm


Muted Colours

2022 was the era of beiges and greys but now make way for...colour! 

Whilst you shouldn’t expect to see vibrant shades of fuschia and borderline neon yellows any time soon, muted colours are being reintroduced into homes - and they are sticking around this time. 

Basically, people are falling back in love with colour just in a more muted way. Expect to find calming greens, purples and blues emerging. 

blue interior living room coffee table pale green mosaic tile with white pebbles

Unsplash: Toa Heftiba and John Mark Arnold 

Blue Accents

Bold blue choices used as statement pieces are all the rage right now. 

The kitchen’s that once were decorated in flush white and greys are now being redecorated to include a pop of colour and the colour of choice seems to be blue. 

Whether it is a blue island space, subtle blue features on door knobs or even blue cabinets, I adore this trend. The blue almost energises the room and can easily transition through summer and winter. 

You’ll be glad to know that this theme is continuing into bathroom home decor with tiled blue walls too. So, whether you're a dark navy type of person or love the pearlescent ocean blues, you might just fall in love with this interior design trend.

blue home decor accessories blue stone door knobs

Unsplash Ark Adriane | The Boutique Handle Co

Granny Chic

All the nostalgia feels for this one. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of “Granny Chic” yet, you’re missing out. 

More and more homes are being designed with nostalgia in mind. You know, the types of home trends and designs that our grandparents rigidly followed and we all stated that it was “outdated?” Yep, this interior design trend is back, in full force. 

“Granny-chic decorating” is what we’re calling it. Think retro paintings, statement rugs, colourful cushions and muted shades of pinks, yellows and greens all wrapped up with bows on it!


granny chic interior style granny chic decorating

Katherine | Pender & Peony - Instagram (a great account for some granny-chic inspiration!)

Statement Rugs 

Whether you choose to go all out “granny chic” or not, statement rugs may just make their way into your home anyway. 

Statement rugs are a great way to bring colour back into your house. They draw attention to the room and blend seamlessly with a muted coloured theme.

This 2023 home decor trend is set to take over bedrooms but you may even spot one or two cropping up in living rooms and hallways. 

Eternal Spring Rug Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin - Eternal Spring Rug

Home Offices

Home offices are quickly becoming a top priority when redecorating your home and it’s easy to understand why. As more and more people transition to working from home, homeowners are searching for a work life balance and a home office seems to be the answer. 

The wooden theme continues to expand in home offices. Bookshelves, endless cabinet spaces with sleek door handles and even the occasional rocking chair are all everyone’s talking about. 

home office with wood and industrial desk wooden handles on green wardrobe

Pexels - Ergonofis | A photo from happy Boutique Handle Co customer, Helen!

Accent Walls 

If you’re wondering how to make your house look expensive in an affordable way, you should consider a moody accent wall. 

These walls have been filtering in and out of popularity for years. Some people love them and others can't stand them, either way, this popular trend is almost certainly sticking around for many more years to come.

Accent walls work to create depth in the room and when done right can exude an expensive allure. To make this happen in your home, select a moody colour and compliment the wall with light coloured furniture and a minimal design. Accent walls can be used all over the house but are a great option to elevate bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. 

Speaking of making your house look expensive in an affordable way, we are obsessed with these sleek gold door knobs.

navy blue feature wall in living room andrew martin accent wallpaper

Unsplash - Beazy | Andrew Martin Pear Tree Sunset Wallpaper

Gold Home Decor

With “old money” trending all over social media, there’s no doubt that gold home decor will continue to make an appearance in the interior design space. 

Needless to say, silver and gold will always compete for attention but right now, gold is in. From effortlessly stylish gold door knobs, lampshades and even gold kitchen appliances - I just can’t get enough of this trend!

gold ceiling light andrew martin gold floor lamp in pink living room


Andrew Martin - Bolsenda Clover Gold Ceiling Light | Pooky Bamboozle Floor Lamp

Micro Luxury 

When searching for luxury home decor ideas you’ll quickly discover the term “Micro Luxury.” 

This trend is all about small homeware pieces that add a subtle hint of class to the room. Basically the “I just threw this together” kind of look.

This 2023 home decor trend aims to make your home look luxurious with minimal effort and if done right, a minimal price tag too. To create a micro luxury feel in your home, purchase throws and rugs made with rich materials, look for plush fabrics in cushions and living room furniture and select polished door knobs for kitchens and bathrooms. 

silver and gold cabinet handles antique brass beehive handles

The Boutique Handle Co

Pink Home Decor

Pink making its resurgence is a trend I can always get behind. This is one of those popular home trends that always comes back around every couple of years and I am always pleased to see it. 

With warm colours coming back into style, it’s no surprise that muted pinks are showing in the interior design space. Even just simple pink home decor can totally transform a room.

pink stone drawer knob with brass basepooky gold table lamp with pink lampshade

Pooky Wrappling Table Lamp

Cottage Vibes 

Stepping away from the farmhouse theme that was popular near the end of 2022 and capitalising on the “Granny Chic” style, cottage vibes are the most adorable addition to this list.

It’s no secret that “slow living” has been trending all over Instagram and Tiktok which has probably been the catalyst for this specific home trend. This style embraces many of the other trends, including wooden cabinets, muted tones, and subtle shades of colour. Also, warm lighting in the shape of candles and lamps is being favoured over the vibrant cool lights that were popular in 2022.

candle and coffee slow living cottage dining chair

Pexels -  Leyla Kılıç | Theordore Rattan Dining Chair Set - Perch & Parrow

Natural Home Decor

When considering home trends for 2023, natural homeware ought to be mentioned. 

Homeowners are embracing the natural aspects of their homes (which is so cool to see). 

It seems that people are growing tired of the cookie-cutter homes and are instead embracing the brick walls, stone tiles and mosaics that were once considered “outdated.” So, if you’re one of the lucky few that didn’t tear the natural features out of your home, you should hold onto those original features that make your house a home. 

exposed brick kitchen cane armchair

Pexels - Cotton Bro Studio | Cane Webbing Armchair - Cox & Cox

No More Predictable Accessories 

Interior design trends are always changing but this is one I didn’t expect to see so soon.

Continuing with the nostalgic theme, there is more experimenting going on in homes. Once again, people are having fun with their home decorating and selecting small details for their homes that make their safe spaces feel extra special. 

I love this trend and I even have a selection of fun door knobs that might just tempt you into partaking in this one. 

stone and brass cabinet handles industrial pull handles

The Boutique Handle Co

Outdated Home Trends For 2023

As you might have already expected, we are saying goodbye to greys and whites. They made a dramatic impact on home decor choices for many years but we’ve finally grown tired of every house looking the same. 

Alongside that, impersonal dining spaces, living rooms and bedrooms are also out. It’s time to make your home your own again and focus on unique home decor that stands out from the crowd. 

As for lighting in homes, cool tone lighting and artificial lights are becoming increasingly outdated. Whilst it's likely they will return in full force, for the moment warming lighting is very popular. 

Finally, as previously mentioned, all white kitchens may just have to go. Instead, add a coloured accent piece to bring life back to your home. 

white modern kitchen

Unsplash - Simona Serji

Key Takeaways  

Those were the home decor trends for 2023. Did you spot any you liked?

From wooden cabinets, muted colours, and an influx of gold decor, homeware is really set to change this year. From granny chic, old money and even micro luxury, the main consensus seems to be that we are falling back in love with decorating our homes and including a personal flare.

Go all out and elevate your home in your preferred style or simply add simple additions to your home to move with the times in a subtle way.

Most of these trends have exploded onto the interior design scene and have completely shaken up what we became used to. However, it does look like these trends will be staying with us way into 2024, so it may be just time to redecorate? 

Here at Boutique Handle Co, we offer affordable door knobs and door handles to take your home to the next level, be sure to check out selection and even leave a comment below with your favourite home trend of 2023.


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