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15 Bedroom Ideas For Women We Can’t Get Enough Of

15 Bedroom Ideas For Women We Can’t Get Enough Of

 This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no cost to you. I only recommend products from suppliers I genuinely love and use, as an interior designer.


Looking for bedroom ideas for women? Or, bedroom ideas for teens? You are in the right place.

I have gathered 15 of the best aesthetic bedroom ideas to transform your room into the peaceful haven you deserve. From fun bedroom ideas for adults, inspirational bedroom ideas and bedroom ideas for girls, I have gathered the best of the best!

Why You Should Consider Redecorating Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal space. It should be a place that you love returning to at the end of the day to binge your favourite movies on Netflix or curl up and read your favourite book, not a place that you avoid. 


These bedroom decor ideas for women are to be used as inspiration to switch up your room and feel empowered about redecorating your home. 


Oftentimes, because our bedrooms are the least seen rooms in our houses, we can put off decorating them. We often opt for redecorating bathrooms, kitchens, or looking for living room ideas instead of prioritising our bedrooms but today…that changes. 

You deserve to have that personal space that you have always dreamt of. 

Is it Possible to Redecorate on a Budget?

If you have been put off redecorating your room because you think that it will be expensive, then you should know that there are definitely ways that you can decorate a room in a more affordable way.


To spice up your room without breaking the bank you just need to be a little more open minded. Selecting stores such as Etsy, IKEA or heading into vintage furniture stores to see what you can find is a great option for those on a budget. 


Also, you’d be surprised at how much you can transform the room just by changing out the little things. Switching up doorknobs, changing door handles, adding mirrors and even just getting a new bedding set can entirely change the vibe of your room. 


Now, if you do have the cash to splash, then there is so much power in changing up your room. Not only is the redecorating experience so much fun but after the room is complete you can feel inspired. Plus, with so many more people working from home, having a fresh space may be just what you’re looking for.

Bedroom in Calke Green No.34 | Dead Flat®

Bedroom in Calke Green No.34 | Farrow & Ball

How do I Decide my Interior Design Style?

When redecorating any room, you should have a plan in mind.

The last thing that you want to do is spend a bunch of money on different items that you see online only to have no real place for them once they arrive. This can quickly leave your space feeling even more overwhelming and cluttered.


Also, you should keep in mind that the design trends that you currently like may change over time. So, you should look for furniture that can transition throughout the seasons. Keep the word “timeless” in mind while browsing.


Pinterest will also be your best friend in this process. By simply typing into Google “bedroom ideas Pinterest,” you will have extensive search results with various interior design styles, unique furniture and a bunch of bedroom inspiration.


Finally, seek out furniture stores if you’re lacking room inspiration. This way you can see the furniture up close and personal and not just over a screen. 

For a full breakdown on how to find your interior design style, click this link to my expert guide

15 Bedroom Ideas for Women

So, now that you know that redecorating doesn’t have to be expensive and you know your interior design style, here are 15 of the best bedroom ideas for women (that teens will love too).

1. Add A Splash Of Pink

Is there any better colour to choose when repainting a room than a calming pink tone? I don’t think so.

If your room currently looks something like…white furniture, white bedding and white flooring, consider adding a pink accent wall to add a pop of colour to your bedroom. 

Alternatively, you can head into your local department store and keep an eye out for all the pink home decor (there is usually a lot of it). Select pink cushions, a pink lampshade, a pink rug and finish the room off with matching pink door knobs for all of your wardrobes and drawers. 

Pink also pairs perfectly with green. So add a summery edge to your room with various plants. Then, just light some candles for a fresh scent and you’re all done!

wilma pink lamp  crystallus

Table Lamp From Pooky | Cabint Handles from The Boutique Handle Co

2. Candles

Speaking of candles, they are a great way to add warmth to your bedroom. 

Yes, this is your excuse to buy all those candles that you love to smell at your local supermarket.

Honestly though, this is an affordable option to create a different ambiance in your room. If you can’t splash out the money for your favourite candles (as they can be pretty pricey), you can always use the battery powered candles instead. 

green candles pillar candles

Candles From Layered Lounge 

3. Add Bright Colors

Bright colours aren’t for everyone but if your room is feeling a little lacklustre, why not try out some bright colours?

Spice up your room with a brightly patterned duvet, vibrant cushions or bright wall art. You may be surprised at how much this changes the energy in your room. 

It is also thought that bright rooms can help to brighten your own mood. So, if you’ve been feeling demotivated or in a slump, this could be just what you need.

 green frilly cushion 

Dark green cushion from Layered Lounge

4. Add A Photo Wall

Add a personal touch to your room by downloading a bunch of your favourite photos with your favourite people and adding them to your room. 

To make this more aesthetically pleasing, use Polaroids and string them together with fairy lights. Or, opt for a more modern look with professionally framed photos around your bed.

5. Experiment With Textures and Shapes

When looking for interior decorating ideas for bedrooms, experimenting with textures is always a go-to. 

Textures add depth to a room. Instead of opting for plain white wood and white linen, throw in textured cushions or throws. 

Also, why not try varying the heights of your furniture? Simply, look for funky-shaped mirrors on Etsey or style varying sizes of plants. 

stripe cushion

Textured Cushions from Layered Lounge

6. Boho Chic It Out

When looking for aesthetic bedroom ideas, you’ll almost always encounter some form of Boho Chic. People either love it or hate it. 

One thing for sure is that you can totally transform a room with this look. From soft shag carpets to fans implemented onto walls and boho-style door knobs on cabinets. When done right, this is one of my favourite looks! As for colours, opt for whites, oranges and reds and get ready to love coming home to your new room. 

sun cabinet knobs

Sun cabinet knobs from The Boutique Handle Co

7. Add A Vanity

Who doesn’t want to get ready and feel like royalty? Adding a vanity to your room is a glamorous way to switch up the way you get ready in the morning. 

Add twinkling string lights around your vanity or purchase one with built-in lighting for an even more luxurious feel. You’ll be able to take the best selfies too!


Brass and glass console table from Perch and Parrow

8. Change The Shades Of Color

We are all brought into the grey, beige and neutral colour palettes, however, it may be time to say goodbye. 

This design trend is slowly drifting out and instead moody and earthy tones are becoming increasingly popular. 

Think deep forest greens and olive shades combined with saffron and terracotta. Basically, this creates all of the cosy vibes that are great for the fall and winter seasons.

To elevate the look, add unusual furniture, graphic prints and even patterned curtains for a completely unique vibe.

30cm tall tapered pendant shade

Orange ikat pendant lampshade from Pooky

9. Add A Hint Of Luxury

If you’re wondering, how you make your home look expensive then this bedroom idea will be right up your street. 

Transform your room from plain and boring to high-class and sophisticated. With this one, we’re going for a luxury hotel vibe. Select velvet textured throws, flowers in ornate vases, textured linen and freshen up storage with door knobs that make your room look expensive. 

You could even add a moody colour such as navy blue or dark olive to the walls.

chrome and stone cabinet handles Magnus

The Boutique Handle Co - Luxury cabinet pulls

10. Be Inspired By The French

If you’re looking for room ideas for teens, there really couldn’t be a better option than French country style. 

Seriously, though, has anybody else been noticing the increase in Parisian style all over the Internet? It is dominating the home decor and fashion scene right now.

 The French country style is actually surprisingly easy to achieve. You just have to think of what a royal palace looks like. 

Select silk bedding with a textured throw, a grand headboard and if your room has adequate space a luxury seating area.

BrushedBrass10 French Round Wall Mirror - Brass

The Boutique Handle Co | Cox and Cox

11. Add Neon Lighting

When brainstorming girls' room ideas, neon obviously comes to mind. 

Popularised by Tiktok, neon lighting is an inexpensive way to change a room. 

Purchase LED lights to place around the walls or even go all out with a neon sign with your favourite quote!

12. Go All Out Girly

Girls room ideas and teen room ideas are all over the Internet so it’s really not hard to find a bunch of ways to incorporate a girly theme.

I recently released these pink and white crystal door knobs that would be a great addition to a girly room. Head online and buy a bunch of pillows, mirrors and candles and you’re already halfway there. 

Then, just locate items such as fresh flowers, dainty patterned wallpaper, and beanbags to complete this look. 

polished brass and stone cabinet handles polished brass and stone cabinet handles

The Boutique Handle Co

13. Add A Statement Mirror

If you’ve ever redecorated a room, you already know the dramatic impact that adding a mirror can have on a space. It completely opens up an area and can even make your room feel much bigger than it is.

You can find a huge selection of mirrors online, in a variety of styles and shapes. I particularly love the mirrors with quotes imprinted into the glass. However, for a more sophisticated look choose a circular mirror to go above shelving or cabinets and feature warm lighting and plants around it for a more expensive vibe.

Kasbah Mirror Kasbah Mirror

Cox and Cox Mirrors

14. Return To Nature

Revealing the natural architecture of your home is always a well loved style in the interior design space and it's a great way to switch up your room. 

Having a room that prioritises woods, neutrals, plain linens and rustic basket ware is a great way to have a natural feel to the entire room. 

Add a variety of natural textures for a more sophisticated look and stick within an ocean themed colour palette to feel revived each time you return home to your room.

Three White & Natural Striped Baskets 

Baskets from Layered Louge

15. Sweat The Small Stuff

Now, I’m probably biassed but even changing the smallest things in your room can have a dramatic effect. Spice up the door knobs on your drawers for a fresh new look! Or, add additional storage and bookshelves. 

You will be impressed at how much these little details can change your room. 

crystal and brass drop knobs

Luxurious crystal and brass drop cabinet knobs from The Boutique Handle Co. 

Key Takeaways

Okay, so that was my selection of the 15 best room ideas for women and teens, what did you think?

From statement mirrors, changing shades of colour and adding minor details that uplift a room, there is so much to choose from.

I love changing my space with the seasons. In this summer, I usually opt for a more natural vibe with rustic furniture, wooden door knobs and a fresh colour palette. However, during the fall and winter, I prefer a much more warm tone around my home.

Like I said, redecorating your bedroom should be made a priority. YOU get to see your bedroom and it shouldn’t be neglected just because fewer people see it. Your bedroom is your sacred space and having a calming atmosphere to return to is something you 100% deserve to have in your home.

Whichever interior design style or bedroom idea you choose to go with I have a huge selection of door knobs and door handles to add as a cherry on top of your redecorating experience!

Here at Boutique Handle Co, we offer affordable door knobs and door handles to take your home to the next level, be sure to check out the selection and even leave a comment below with your favourite bedroom idea.


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