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8 Living Room Trends Set To Dominate 2024

8 Living Room Trends Set To Dominate 2024

 This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no cost to you. I only recommend products from suppliers I genuinely love and use, as an interior designer.

Today we’re talking about the top living room trends for 2024 and honestly, you may be shocked at the results. I know I was.

From finally letting go of grey interiors to embracing earthy tones and maximalism, we’re seeing a complete 180 in the interior design space. 

So if you’re completely looking to redecorate your living room in 2024 or just want to make small improvements, keep scrolling to find out which design trends that are said to dominate the year.

Pssst…make sure to check out the kitchen trends for 2024 too. 

1. Goodbye Minimalism

It’s been a fun ride, however, we are slowly saying goodbye to minimalism and going for much more of a cosy feel in our homes. 

We’ll see less and less of the stark, all white living rooms and instead see a rise in warm, coloured cushions, furniture, rugs, and artwork.We will also be collecting anything from additional blankets, trinkets and we may even see an additional ornament or two. 

Don’t expect a huge change all at once, however, except to find pieces that hold memories. popping up into homes.


Photos: Farrow and Ball Wevet 

2. Meaningful Pieces

Piggybacking off of saying goodbye to minimalism, we are seeing a huge increase in personal touches around the home. 

For a long time, we saw fewer photos and heirlooms in homes due to the minimalist style, however, they seem to be entering back into our homes.

That being said, instead of big canvases and random wooden frames, you’ll find that the personal touches will fit the aesthetic of the room.

Photos: Farrow and Ball Inchyra and Sulking Room Pink

3. Warm Earthy Tones

Earthy colours ranging from apricot to peaches are all set to rise in 2024. 

These colours pair perfectly with brass finishes and create a warm atmosphere in the room. 

As this trend is only set to continue, we may even see pastel colours making a resurgence, especially in the summertime. 

We’ll be letting go of the greys and whites we have become so accustomed to and finally making our homes feel like a home again. 

The colour of choice? Buttery yellow. Yes, buttery yellow. Admittedly, the colour is kind of giving “grandma's cottage…” but in a cool way. I think.

 London Stone

Sudbury Yellow by Farrow and Ball is a great yellow option and London Stone is a fab warm, earth tone. 

4. Brass Hardware 

Speaking of brass hardware, that seems to be the material of choice when it comes to living room cabinet door knobs and pull handles. It is thought the popularity is due to how brass hardware makes your home look and feel more expensive. Which is great news for us! 

Here at that boutique, we have a huge variety of brass handles and door knobs that are perfect for creating that cosy ambience. 

Check out our selection of hardware to elevate your home and pull the entire look together!


Check out our Fama and Tenebrae collections for a classic-contemporary vibe!

5. Modern Abstract Artwork

It’s no secret that we all fell victim to the Instagram artwork. You know that single line work that everybody had in their homes for all of 2023? Well, that trend finally seems to be going away and we are now embracing modern abstract artwork. 

These pieces of art are much more colourful, bold and daring. Which seems to perfectly match the overall ambience that seems to be being created in 2024 in our living rooms.

It’s also worth mentioning that many people are using Pinterest as inspiration to create their own DIY artwork to be displayed above sofas and fireplaces!


Photos: Next and Life On Case Lane

6. Pops of Colour

For those not quite ready to let go of the grey and neutral tones, you’ll likely find yourself opting for pops of colour instead. 

This can be done through statement furniture, bold artwork, or even simply switching up an accent wall in the home. 

Honestly, this seems to be the gateway drug into building a home that is much more personal and far less sterile. Once you see how much of a positive effect adding a pop of colour can have, you never look back!


Photos: Molly Britt via Style By Emily Henderson and Architectural Digest

7. Never Using the Big Light

The trend of “never using the big light” on social media has taken off over the end of 2023 and is set to make a huge impact on interior design trends in 2024. 

Instead of big statement lighting, we are instead looking for warm lighting in the form of jewelled light fixtures, statement candles, lamps and understated lighting in cabinets and drawers. 

I’d be interested to see how this decor trend plays out during the spring and summer months. However, I know this will look amazing during the autumn and winter.


Pooky is an amazing supplier for affordable and beautiful lighting. These are the Besidem wall light and Coronet floor lamp. 

8. English Countryside Look 

Near to the end of 2023, we saw a huge rise in “Granny Chic” and “cottages' became a top keyword search on Pinterest. 

That trend is only set to continue with “English countryside homes” being a popular keyword for living room trends in 2024. 

With this trend, you can expect large, grande fireplaces surrounded by an inviting coffee table and various fabric sofas and unique chairs. You might even spot a rocking chair or two as well as bookshelves with old English classics!


Check out Hannah's profile @athomewithbaxter on instagram for some amazing english cottage inspiration. She's one of our favourite instagram accounts! 

Key Takeaways

Those were the top interior design trends for 2024 for living rooms. 

One thing for sure is, we’re certainly making our homes feel like homes again. Which we can all appreciate. I mean, is there really any better feeling than returning from work to a comfortable atmosphere where you can truly relax and unwind?

From switching from big lights and white walls to cosy lamps and earthy tones you’re going to see so many new living room images cropping up over social media. 

The expected design trends of the year? English countryside with a slight sprinkle of maximalism! Expect “Granny Chic” and “Farmhouse vibes” to also be making an appearance.

Don’t forget, here at we have a huge selection of door furniture, door knobs and door handles that you can purchase to elevate your home in an affordable way. 

We value the little things and know that these small changes in the home can make all of the difference!

So whether you're upcycling a thrifted cabinet or simply want to switch up the style in your room, we have a selection for everybody!


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