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7 Kitchen Trends That Everybody Is Obsessed With For 2024

7 Kitchen Trends That Everybody Is Obsessed With For 2024

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no cost to you. I only recommend products from suppliers I genuinely love, as an interior designer. 

Kitchens may be one of the most used rooms in our homes. At least it is mine. That is why I have created this expert guide to the best kitchen trends for 2024 that everybody is obsessed with. 

So whether you’re thinking of redecorating your current home or you’re putting together your kitchen vision board for your new home in 2024, these are the styles you’ll (probably) want to go for.

But what do we hope for in 2024 for our beloved kitchens? 

Well, we can see from content online that more people are making more space for community, a healthy lifestyle, and nutritious foods. So, we would hope that our kitchens should accommodate our new change in priorities, right?

Keep reading to find which kitchen trends we can expect to see more of in 2024.

1. Understated Lighting

One of the biggest kitchen trends of 2024 is having understated lighting. 

We are avoiding the big bright lights in any room possible and this goes for the kitchen as well. 

Once upon a time, we all longed for bold light fixtures to illuminate the kitchen and now we’re looking for more understated lighting usually featured under cabinets. 

This is a trend I can get behind.

The lighting creates a cosy atmosphere that is perfect for a family evening games night and communal dinners. You know the vibe where time flies by as you stay up all night chatting with your loved ones? Yes, that's the vibes this lighting creates.


Pooky has some great, affordable lighting you can use to improve your kitchen ambiance. The Super Stanley Pendant and Tom Chandelier are some beautiful options!

2. Warm colours

The colors we usually associate with kitchens are greens and blues often in paler tones. However, 2024 is the year of the resurgence of deeper, warmer tones in our kitchens. 

You’ll either love or hate this one.

The reason for this is largely because of the cozy atmosphere that people seem to be obsessed with right now. The warmer tones go hand in hand with the understated lighting.

If you want to partake in this trend, consider purchasing a berry red or burgundy when redecorating.


Radicchio by Farrow and Ball is a stunning red tone for a kitchen, as shown in these photos!

3. Storage space

We all want our homes to feel effortlessly put together and increasing storage space in our homes is one of the best ways to do that. 

More and more people are investing in innovatively designed kitchens where hidden drawers and pull-out storage sections are a must. Basically, those kitchens where every single thing has a place. 

You’ll also find a lot more drawer inserts and strict organisational systems within those drawers. 

This creates a clutter-free minimalist look whilst also being practical and maximises comfort in the home, what’s not to love?


These beautiful kitchens from Sola Kitchen and The Kitchen Think showcase well-design storage seamlessly. 

4. Connecting Dining Room

Continuing on with the theme of prioritising family activities and creating a space to be surrounded by your loved ones, we’re seeing the dining room and kitchen combo make a comeback. 

People are even going as far as knocking down walls to connect both of these rooms in their homes. 

This creates an open atmosphere where you can cook while chatting with your friends. I think this is largely due to the increase in everyone craving direct contact and there really isn’t a better way to do that than with this kitchen design. 

You may even see even more communal spaces within kitchens including additional kitchen islands and bars.


@thepennrenovation and Velux show how well an open plan kitchen-dining room can work. 

5. Gold Hardware

Parisian apartments and coastal homes are more than likely the reason that we’re seeing a huge influx in gold hardware in kitchens.

From gold doorknobs to gold ornate taps, this is a decor trend I love, love, love!

The gold is far less harsh than silver and has much more of an elegant appeal. 

It also pairs perfectly with the understated golden lighting and warm tones!


Aurabella and Aurea Caelum are two of our most popular styles and work beautifully as gold kitchen handles. 

6. Green, Green, & More Green 

Despite warmer tones on the rise, green has actually come out on top when it comes to the new kitchen colour for 2024

Whether you choose to go for a calming teal or a bright emerald green this monochromatic design is being seen everywhere. 

Again, it just accompanies the cosy atmosphere and adds a specific edge to your home.

Make sure to act on this kitchen interior design trend fast though, before all the green paint sells out!


Castle Grey and Lichen by Farrow and Ball are two gorgeous greens for kitchens.  

7. Warm Woods

This is a trend that I didn’t see coming for 2024. 

Warm woods. 

Yes, the traditional white cabinets seem to be going out of style and instead, we’re welcoming back warm, organic woods to our kitchen cabinets and drawers. 

This is probably because it has much more of a Scandinavian design which is all the rage right now. 

However, this trend seems to be splitting opinion online. While some argue that it makes your home feel more like a home others are saying it makes your kitchen feel dated. 

Should we be leaving this trend in the past?


Let us know your thoughts on this one in the comments! Yay or nay?

Photos: Architecture Art Designs and Jess O'Shea Designs (we really love this one!)

8. Hidden Fridges

In the name of making our kitchens more streamlined, we’re also seeing a huge introduction of hidden fridges. 

These fridges are built to blend in with cabinets and drawers to make a much more cohesive design. 

Again, this is another trend that I love. Anything that makes your home feel more expensive, is something I can get behind. 

We’re also seeing a huge increase in bigger fridges as more and more people are cooking at home. So expect to see those two door fridges that you often see in America start to pop up in the UK too.

 Angus and Mack have some unbelievably beautiful kitchens showing how you can hide appliances from view. 

Key Takeaways

Those were the top kitchen trends of 2024. The vibe I'm getting? Community, cozy, and convenient.

I think we got WAY too caught up in how our homes looked and forgot about how they made us feel. I’m glad to see that that is changing in 2024.

While not all of these trends are going down well, I think we can all agree that making time for community should be all of our New Year's resolutions. And if our kitchens can help us do that, why not consider redecorating? 

Here at Boutique Handle Co, we offer affordable door knobs and door handles to take your home to the next level, be sure to check out the selection and even leave a comment below with your opinion on the blog!

If you have any questions about our products, please email us at


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