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The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Luxury Rental Home

The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Luxury Rental Home

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no cost to you. I only recommend products from suppliers I genuinely love, as an interior designer. 

Welcome, esteemed readers, to a world where opulence and comfort intertwine seamlessly. Today, we embark on a journey to explore the art of designing a luxury rental home, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a homeowner seeking to elevate your property or an aspiring interior designer, this ultimate guide will unveil the secrets to curating a lavish retreat that exudes elegance and sophistication.

1. Setting the Stage: Define Your Vision

Just like a painter with a blank canvas, the first step in designing a luxury rental home is to envision the masterpiece you wish to create. Consider the ambiance you want to evoke – is it a serene coastal escape or a glamorous urban oasis? Define your vision and let it guide you throughout the design process.


Photos: Coastal style by Island Home Interiors and Homes To Love

2. The Art of Space: Embrace Openness

In the realm of luxury, space is a precious commodity. Embrace open floor plans that allow for seamless flow and create an airy atmosphere. Incorporate large windows to invite natural light, and let it dance gracefully upon the carefully curated furnishings and decor.


These stunning interiors by Anthology Studio and Chris Loves Julia capture the open-plan layout perfectly. 

3. The Palette of Luxury: Choose Timeless Colors

Colors hold the power to transform a space, and in the realm of luxury rental homes, timeless hues reign supreme. Opt for a sophisticated palette of neutral tones, such as soft creams, elegant grays, and rich earthy tones. These hues provide a canvas for your furnishings and artwork to shine.

Farrow and Ball have (in my opinion) the absolute best selection of paint colours. Templeton Pink is looking beautiful here!

4. The Symphony of Texture: Layer with Luxury

Just as a symphony is composed of various instruments, a luxury rental home is brought to life through the harmonious layering of textures. Incorporate sumptuous fabrics, plush rugs, and tactile materials to create a sensory experience that indulges the senses.


Check out The Rug Company for a luxury rug, if you have a higher budget, otherwise Benuta has some excellent options for a more conservative budget. Rugs shown are Boulder and Viscose Nova Blue

5. The Artisan's Touch: Handcrafted Details

Every masterpiece deserves the touch of an artisan. Infuse your luxury rental home with handcrafted details that showcase the skill and dedication of skilled craftspeople. From intricate woodwork to solid brass handles, these details elevate your space to new heights of refinement. Items like hardware are really easy to install and remove to take with you when you move on to your next property. 


Check out The Boutique Handle Co's selection of cabinet handles and knobs. We have a huge amount of varying styles, sizes and finishes to work in your interior.

The handles shown are Aurea Caelum in antique brass and Auriola in brushed brass with stone ends. 

6. Illuminating Elegance: Lighting as an Art Form

Lighting is the brush that paints your luxury rental home with a captivating glow. Embrace statement chandeliers, sculptural lamps, and artful sconces to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Let the interplay of light and shadow accentuate the beauty of your carefully curated space. 


Adding table and floor lamps are perfect when you're living in a rental because they can be easily moved around and add such a great ambience to your space. Plus, they are super easy to unplug and take with you when you leave. 

These ones from Pooky are so fab! They're called the Bamboo Floor Lamp and Smaller Rosie Table Lamp.

7. The Finishing Flourish: Art and Accessories

No luxury rental home is complete without the finishing flourish of art and accessories. Select exquisite artwork that speaks to your aesthetic and complements the overall design. Adorn your space with tasteful accessories, such as sculptural vases, elegant mirrors, and curated book collections, to add a personal touch of refinement.


Cox and Cox have some fantastic accessories to give your rental home a luxury vibe. The products shown are the Industrial Mirror and Standing Brushed Metal Bowl

As we conclude this journey into the art of designing a luxury rental home, we hope you are inspired to create a haven that transcends the ordinary. Remember, the true essence of luxury lies not only in the materials and aesthetics but in the emotions evoked and the memories created. May your endeavors be filled with elegance, sophistication, and the pursuit of creating extraordinary experiences.

Here at Boutique Handle Co, we offer affordable door knobs and door handles to take your home to the next level, be sure to check out the selection and even leave a comment below with your opinion on the blog!

If you have any questions about our products, please email us at


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